Peapod pageIndustry: Online Retail
Solution: Advisory Services

Client Profile:

This client is an innovative and entrepreneurial eGrocer focused on fulfilling the shopping needs of busy customers that want to take the hassle out of grocery shopping.

Client Challenges:

Our client struggled with siloed teams, cultural barriers, lack of organizational and governance structure. Inefficiencies and lack of governance led to IT teams supporting a burdensome variety of technologies. As a result, the client spent much of their time focused on tactical issues leaving leadership very little time to think and plan strategically.

Messina’s Approach:

Messina assessed and diagnosed the issues related to people, process and technology and built a three-year prioritized roadmap to address the issues facing the client. Organizational and structural changes were made to introduce formal process and governance where before there weren’t any formal processes or roles. Governance processes were introduced to control the tactical decisions stressing the organization. Technology challenges were categorized in a stabilize, modernize, optimize approach, thereby giving order and sequence to the growing technology backlog.


The result for this client was organizational change that allowed more efficient, strategic decision making. Our advisory services gave them tighter controls on tactical decision making and prioritization of technology projects.