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The Airline industry is process, labor, capital and data intensive. For Airlines to remain competitive and profitable, operational efficiency is paramount. By leveraging Advanced BI and Analytics, Airlines can realize quantifiable business value. Messina Group has a track record of delivering operational cost savings for Airlines. Optimizing crew utilization, hotel spend, maintenance tasks and the parts supply chain are just a few areas we have delivered value to our airline clients. Our Analytics driven approach emphasizes nimble and responsive quick-win execution. Our senior team of professionals work with Airlines in a co-management, collaborative manner to execute digital transformation initiatives which realize desired business value.

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Messina Airlines Digital Transformation

DIGITAL Transformation

Digital Transformation can be a confusing and complex journey. The Airline industry is loaded with Point based software technology solutions. To drive operational efficiencies, airlines need to weave digital solutions into every element of their business.
At Messina Group, we help airlines plan and execute Digital programs that integrate their data and processes in real time from disparate systems. We bring our team's deep expertise that help Airlines take swift, decisive action and make informed decisions about their customers and operating costs.
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ANALYTICS strategy

Mastering your organization's data can deliver a competitive advantage for Airlines. Analyzing your data to understand trends, cause and outliers is only possible if your data is consolidated, integrated and accessible.
At Messina Group, we help Airlines architect and implement their strategic vision for enterprise data. Our team has deep data architecture, tools and technology expertise to ensure Airlines derive powerful data insights.
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Messina Airlines Sales Marketing

SALES, Marketing
& Service Enablement

The Customer experience matters. Truly understanding what drives customer loyalty and positive travel experiences helps Airlines improve the customer's experience and the Airline's bottom line.
Messina Group helps Airlines leverage their Digital solutions to transform the Customer's travel experience. Advanced Analytics play a pivotal role in providing Airlines with the information needed to make informed sales and marketing decisions.
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Messina Airlines Strategic Services

Strategic Services

Most Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics programs achieve less than 50% of the desired business result. A significant factor to less than desired results is ineffective or non-existent Project Management and Change Management capabilities.
At Messina Group, we have distinctive Project Management and Change Management capabilities to help Airlines improve project execution and shift day to day behavior of their staff and crew and ultimately increase ROI realization.
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