Where is the business value? Where and when should we invest? What is the right BI platform for our organization? What is wrong with our current process?

These are questions organizations ask themselves before embarking on major Analytics initiatives. 

Messina Group has a track record of delivering your desired business value from successful Analytics programs. Our blend of functional and technical expertise and business acumen help you maximize business value.

Clarity Workshop

A quick hitting, collaborative work session that brings Clarity to your Analytics opportunities.

Strategic Roadmap

Align your BI analytics capabilities with business objectives, focus on incremental investment and realizing ROI.


A diagnostic engagement, focused on specific problematic technical areas or tactical pain points.

Platform Selection

A proven process that facilitates your Analytics Platform selection and negotiation process.

We work with clients to build data driven companies. Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics transforms organizations by seizing the value of data and empowering decision makers with insights and analysis to make impactful decisions. 

Messina Group combines the latest Advanced Analytics techniques with deep industry, functional, and technology expertise to deliver robust data management platforms, self-service analytics and rich visualizations that fuel actionable insights. Our services span from specific analytics technical expertise to enterprise analytics transformations. We focus on execution and help you realize the most value from data.

Messina BI Analytics Advisory
Messina BI Analytics Data Architecture

It all starts with data. In order to build a strong data driven culture, your Data Architecture must provide timely, cost-effective, accurate and high quality data.  

At Messina Group, we realize that Data Architecture is more than moving data from one place to another. Your Data Architecture must facilitate the flow of business insights to key decision makers. 

We help organizations install a sound data governance program and offer information management frameworks to align people and processes to deliver data quality and availability. An aligned data management capability can become a core competency for an organization and provide a competitive advantage.

Data visualization is the art of adding visual representation and context to your data. You may miss critical correlations, trends or issues by staring at a spreadsheet. Good visuals allow you to glean quick insights from your data. This helps you understand the big picture quickly, while leading to specific focus areas where you need to explore in more detail.

While often thought of as “the last mile” in any Analytics program, we emphasize the importance of Data Visualization as a key to delivering value to the end user. Our Analytics team includes experts in Data Visualization using many of the leading industry tools, including Tableau, Power BI, QlikView and more. 

Messina BI Analytics Budgeting Forecasting

Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting is a critical business process. While everyone budgets, leading organizations do far more. Rolling forecasts, scenario planning, what-if analysis and driver-based planning are all better practices vs. traditional, static budget cycles.

But, how do you do this well and efficiently? What are the right tools? Can you avoid the pains associated with spreadsheets?

Our Budgeting & Forecasting practice helps you implement leading practices, and become more efficient and data-driven. Our services span software selection & implementation, rolling forecasts, scenario planning, and reporting & analytics.

Advanced Analytics transforms organizations by seizing the business value from data and empowering decision makers with information to make informed decisions.

The path to a mature BI platform is typified by complex deployments, rising infrastructure and hardware costs, licensing agreements, long multi-phase projects, and an IT team for support. 

Our Analytics as a Service offering (Analytics Hub) is a turn key solution. We procure, build, maintain, and monitor your end-to-end Analytics as a Service solution. Our outsourced approach to Analytics speeds up implementation, time to value, provides ultimate flexibility, and the ability to scale.