All That Glitters…is Data

Data is like gold. Data with context is like gold saturated with diamonds, wrapped in a platinum box. Yet organizations waste the potential from massive amounts of data produced by people, processes and technology every day, because they don’t have a mechanism to convert it to actionable information. This unstructured data is “data exhaust”. Picture so much data that it seems to simply dissipate into the air without ever being put to use. Data exhaust represents not only lost opportunity, but real, tangible costs.

The Answer is Not “Another Tool.”

There are a multitude of tools to help capture this data. In so doing, oddly enough, these tools actually create MORE data. Some of this is intuitive, like when an application executes a command or runs an algorithm…this is called “primary data.” Some is less obvious but still understandable, like the processes people manage to use the applications. This is “secondary data.” Finally, the most commonly misunderstood (and overlooked!) data is that which is produced from the end users themselves, like how they use the applications and interact with each other in their work environment. We call this “tertiary data.”

The alchemy of turning data into measurable value starts with identifying the source of all data streams and then moves to understanding the role each data type plays in your organization. It concludes with a holistic approach that captures, analyzes, and generates immediately actionable intelligence. It’s not easy to do, but when it’s done well the benefits to the organization are transformational.

Making the Magic Happen

Messina Group Consulting specializes in identifying, understanding, and integrating all three types of data into powerful solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our general approach includes integrating all your disparate tools and applications (primary data) with automated processes and workflows (secondary) to minimize disruptions, interruptions, and inefficiencies in how your people work (tertiary). There is no “one size fits all” or “out of the box, plug-and-play” solution, but our approach has created value at the most disruptive eCommerce companies to organizations whose basic processes haven’t changed in hundreds of years…and, of course, everything in between.

Do you want to understand how people, processes, and technology are impacting your organization? We can help you find and fully understand the story your data is telling. And in very real terms, that’s like gold.

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