Logistics & Distribution Consulting Services

Across the value chain of logistics, costs can quickly spiral out of control. Eliminate ineffective spending and reinvest the savings to drive growth. We work with you to drive down your operational costs.  Messina Group has worked with clients across the value chain of logistics and transportation on digital and data driven projects that streamline operations and decrease operational costs. Our senior team of professionals works with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to help you realize quantifiable business value from your Digital and Data initiatives.

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Messina Distribution Digital Transform

Digital Transformation

Streamlining your processes and digitizing your operations will eliminate multiple shipments sent by multiple trucks to the same customer and allow you to consolidate your deliveries. Digital Transformation is a journey and tremendous efficiencies can be realized if you go about it the right way.
Messina Group works with business leaders to understand your strategic goals, develop your strategy and roadmap and then execute your strategic initiatives. Our approach emphasizes nimble and responsive quick-win execution that drive quantifiable business value.
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Smart retail use augmented reality mixed virtual reality technology to show the data analysis keep track big data when product running out of stock on shelve in smart warehouse.


Mastering your enterprise data can unleash productivity and profit improvement for Logistics and Distribution companies. Your data tells a story. The first step to operation savings is quantifying the pain.
Messina Group's team of data and analytical subject matter experts help clients develop and execute their Data Strategy. Clients hire us to develop and implement their data strategic vision to achieve operational savings. We bring the experience of Data Architecture and Data consolidation to generate meaningful insights for you.
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Messina Distribution Sales Mktg

SALES, Marketing
& Service Enablement

Rapid growth and gaining market share call for an elite sales and marketing team which is process driven, highly automated, and leverages advanced analytics. Data driven Sales and Marketing organizations measure profitability and performance across Customers, Products, Sales professionals, and more.
Messina Group helps Private Equity backed and fast-growing companies aggressively drive top and bottom line growth. Our data driven approach identifies Sales enablement opportunities e.g. right sizing Sales capacity, process automation, improving Sales territory performance, and getting your team ready to hunt.
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Strategic Services

Be confident that your large-scale initiatives will meet or exceed your expectations. Most Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics programs achieve less than 50% of the desired business result. A significant factor to less than desired results is ineffective or non-existent Project Management and Change Management capabilities.
At Messina Group, we have distinctive Project Management and Change Management capabilities to help Logistics and Distribution initiatives improve project execution, shift day to day behavior of your people, and ultimately, increase ROI realization.
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