Manufacturer Data Transformation Consulting

Traditionally, manufacturing has lagged behind other industries in IT capabilities and annual spend. Today and for the next near future, Advanced Analytics will be a strategic IT investment for most manufacturers.  Messina Group is helping manufacturers put their data to work. We work with them to discover opportunities to streamline processes from sourcing of materials and improving their Supply Chain to the sale of their finished products. Messina Group is consolidating an enormous amount of data for manufacturers from many disparate data sources and helping transform to a data driven culture.

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Messina Consulting Data Transformation

Digital Transformation

Many manufacturers are struggling to realize the full potential of digital transformation. The digital journey is complex, challenging, and opportunities for innovation are vast. Successful digital transformation programs are rooted in Advanced Analytics.
Messina Group is helping companies discover unknown bottlenecks, predict when machinery will fail and identify unprofitable production lines. Our Analytics driven approach emphasizes nimble and responsive quick-win execution. Our senior team of professionals work with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to execute digital transformation initiatives.
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Messina Data Strategy

analytics Strategy

Mastering your enterprise data can unleash productivity and profit improvement. However, new analytics tools alone are not enough to deliver your desired results. Significant changes in your Data Architecture, people, processes and technology are needed to aggregate and analyze data from multiple data sources.
Messina Group handles the heavy lifting for your Data Strategy. We work with Manufacturers to develop their Data Strategy and implement their strategic initiatives. Our team has data architecture, tools and technology expertise to ensure you derive powerful data insights.
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SALES, Marketing
& Service Enablement

Rapid growth and gaining market share call for an elite sales and marketing team to be process driven, automated and leveraging advanced analytics. Data driven Sales and Marketing organizations measure profitability and performance across Customers, Products, Sales professionals and more.
Messina Group helps Private Equity backed and fast-growing manufacturers aggressively drive top and bottom line growth. Our data driven approach identifies Sales enablement opportunities e.g. right sizing Sales capacity, process automation, improving Sales territory performance and getting your team ready to hunt.
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Strategic Services

Most Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics programs achieve less than 50% of the desired business result. A significant factor to less than desired results is ineffective or non-existent Project Management and Change Management capabilities.
At Messina Group, we have distinctive Project Management and Change Management capabilities to assist Manufacturers companies improve project execution, shift day to day behavior of your people and ultimately increase ROI realization.
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