Portfolio Analytics for Private Equity Firms

New Data-Driven insights gained by consolidating disparate data sources are helping to unlock growth opportunities for Portfolio companies. Successful leaders are increasingly driven by analytics rather than instinct or experience. Companies that create a data-focused culture become Winners. Messina Consulting has a track record of helping Portfolio companies leverage Advanced BI and Analytics to realize quantifiable business value. Our Analytics approach emphasizes nimble and responsive quick-win execution. Our senior team of professionals work with Portfolio companies in a co-management, collaborative manner to plan and execute Value Creation Plans and Digital Transformation initiatives.

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Messina PE Data transformation

Digital Transformation

Many Portfolios fall short in capturing their desired business value from digital transformation initiatives. The digital journey is complex and challenging and opportunities for innovation are vast. Digitization can improve supply chain visibility, empower management and deliver insightful supply chain KPI’s and metrics to help with proactive issue resolution.
Messina Group is your Trusted Advisor to help you plan and execute your Digital Transformation roadmap. We bring a senior team of professionals who work with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to execute your digital transformation initiatives.
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Most companies generate extensive amounts of data across many disparate data platforms. Mastering your data can unleash productivity and profit improvement. Messina's team of data and analytical subject matter experts are focused on helping Portfolio companies develop and execute their Data Strategy.
Our clients hire us to architect and implement their strategic vision for enterprise data. We bring our vast knowledge and experience of Data Architecture, Data consolidation to generate meaningful insights for your B2C, B2B and retail processes.
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Messina PE Sales Marketing

SALES, Marketing
& Service Enablement

Messina Group helps Private Equity backed and fast-growing Portfolio companies aggressively drive top and bottom line growth. Our data driven approach identifies sales enablement opportunities e.g. right sizing sales capacity, process automation, improving sales territories and getting your team ready to hunt.
Messina Group helps Private Equity backed and fast-growing manufacturers aggressively drive top and bottom line growth. Our data driven approach identifies Sales enablement opportunities e.g. right sizing Sales capacity, process automation, improving Sales territory performance and getting your team ready to hunt.
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Strategic Services

Most Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics programs achieve less than 50% of the desired business result. A significant factor to their less than desired results is ineffective Project Management and Change Management capabilities.
At Messina Group, we have distinctive Project Management and Change Management capabilities to help Portfolio companies improve project execution, gain employee buy-in, shift day to day behavior of your team and ultimately increase ROI realization.
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Messina PE Due Diligence


Rapid growth and gaining market share call for an elite sales and marketing team who are process driven, highly automated and leverages advanced analytics. Data driven Sales and Marketing organizations measure profitability and performance across Customers, Products, Sales professionals and more.
We provide the answers to key questions you have e.g.: Can the technology scale and support our future growth? What operational, process, and technology risks exist? Are there any major Capex needed in the near term?
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We develop and execute a pragmatic, targeted, ROI based plan of action for your portfolio companies. We focus on your first 100 days post-closing that capture your near-term value as well as near-medium term planning.
Our consulting services range from Digital Transformation to Data Strategy and from Sales Enablement to Project and Change Management.
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