In today’s competitive landscape, the pursuit of higher profitability, lower costs, and greater efficiency has many organizations recognizing the importance of program management practicesProgram Management (3) to achieve organizational goals. Yet, despite the critical nature of this function, many organizations struggle with the fundamentals of project management, leading to high failure rates among their initiatives.

A fully aligned project management function, supported by the PMO Office ensures consistency in delivery across the organization, as well as visibility into project risks, impact, and overall health. Organizations with a strong, cohesive program management discipline can realize the benefits of cost reduction, greater efficiency and heightened success rates for their key initiatives.

You can rely on Messina to help you turn a well-crafted strategy into a well-executed plan. Messina Group’s consulting practice brings a unique blend of project management experience and technology expertise to the project management function. Our project management experts bring formal methodologies, which we specifically tailor to each individual organization to ensure project success.


  • Project & Program Management Execution
  • Agile Project Management and PMO
  • Program Management Office (PMO) Deployment
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Audit & Recovery
  • Organizational Change Management