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Data consolidation from internal and external disparate data sources is helping unlock growth opportunities for restaurants and hotels. Decisions are increasingly driven by analytics rather than instinct or experience. Restaurants and hotels who create a data focused culture have better visibility, providing greater insight and are realizing improved financial performance. Due to the hospitality industry evolving with 3rd party delivery solutions and on-line ordering, data sources have never been more siloed and disparate. Messina Group has a track record of helping these companies leverage Advanced BI and Analytics to realize quantifiable business value. Our senior team of professionals work with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to plan and execute your Digital and Data focused initiatives.

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Messina Restaurants Data Transformation

Digital Transformation

Many restaurants and hotels struggle to realize their desired business value from Digital Transformation initiatives. Complexity is high due to the volume of locations and people challenges. Plus, digital transformations are challenging and opportunities for innovation are vast. For example, lack of real-time POS data can result in excess labor costs and poor customer service levels.
Digitization can empower management, lower labor costs and have a significant impact on your bottom-line. Messina Group is a Trusted Advisor, there to help you develop a Digital Strategy and execute a Digital program. We bring a senior team of professionals who work with you in a co-management, collaborative manner to help you navigate the rapidly changing Digital landscape to execute your initiatives.
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Messina Restaurants Data Strategy

analytics Strategy

A data driven culture is a critical factor in today’s business environment. Many restaurants and hotels find themselves challenged when attempting to become a data driven culture. One reason is lack of access to the data they need to manage their operations. Mastering your data can deliver meaningful insights and lead to productivity and profit improvement.
Messina Group has a team of analytical subject matter experts who are focused on helping clients develop and execute their Data Strategy. Clients hire us to develop and implement their strategic vision. We bring knowledge and experience of Data Architecture, Data consolidation to generate meaningful insights for Restaurants.
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SALES, Marketing
& Service Enablement

In the Hospitality Industry, customer feedback and experience is extremely important. Truly understanding what drives customer loyalty, satisfaction, and positive experiences helps restaurants and hotels build customer loyalty and improve their financial performance.
Messina Group helps restaurants and hotels grow their top-line and improve their year over year revenue. We take a data driven approach to help define your strategic direction, develop marketing capabilities and analyze data from multiple data sources. We offer our vast experience and knowledge consolidating and delivering the data you need to make informed decisions.
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Strategic Services

Most Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics programs achieve less than 50% of the desired business result. A significant factor to less than desired results is ineffective or non-existent Project Management and Change Management capabilities.
At Messina Group, we have distinctive Project Management and Change Management capabilities to help restaurants and hotels improve project execution, gain employee buy-in, shift day to day team behavior and ultimately increase ROI realization.
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